Truck Parts CustomCut Millwork, Inc. carries a full line of hardwoods for your truck needs.  Whether you are installing a new truck bed or repairing one, our mill facility is capable of making it an easier task with abilities to specially mill parts for ready to assemble ease.  To complete the job, stakes and side boards can be milled, tailored to your needs.  CustomCut Millwork also stocks torque head screws and bits to install your floor.

1.    Flooring
  1. Apitong – is a super durable species of Mahogany primarily for the use of truck flooring.  This product is imported from Malaysia.  This 6/4 hardwood is already surfaced to 1-3/8” thickness with a shiplap providing a 7” net coverage.  Tongue oil is most commonly used as a sealing agent in providing extra weather resistance.  Self tapping torque screws are also stocked for easy installation.
  2. Kiln Dried White Oak – is available in random widths and random lengths in rough board stock, which is milled to your specifications.  Kiln dried white oak is available in 8/4 thickness.
  3. Treated Yellow Pine – material is also in stock already surfaced on four sides.  CCM has both #1 Common and #2 Common grades of treated yellow pine in stock.  CustomCut Millwork has the capabilities to add either a shiplap or a tongue and groove to your selection.  Also, 5/4x6 eased edged treated boards are available as a side board alternative.
2.    Stakes – can be milled, shaped, dadoed, or drilled to any specification in your choice of kiln dried white oak or treated yellow pine.

3.    Side Boards – can be manufactured in our mill facility using kiln-dried white oak or treated yellow pine. Our mill facility can manufacture your side boards as custom as you desire using beads, edge vees, or eased edges for example.

4.    Hardwood Chassis Spacers – can be made to your needs with dados, if desired, using either green mixed hardwoods, green oak, kiln-dried white oak, or treated yellow pine. Hardwood filler strips are also available to order in various sizes and configurations.

5.    Tie Slats – are a very versatile accessory for van body trucks. These are bolted to the side walls to tie loads securely in place.

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