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Thermo Treated Wood
The process on Thermo-treating wood is a new, innovative process that collapses the cell structure of wood.  This process changes the physical structure and characteristics of the material being kiln dried.  Through Thermo-treating, a product of nature can now be produced that will essentially eliminate the absorption of moisture and greatly improve dimensional stability. 

Unlike many new products coming to the market today, this product is not an imported product.   Poplar is a domestically grown product that is produced right here in Pennsylvania. Combined with this new heat treating process, this product is perfect for any “Green Project” since it requires no chemicals or additives in the heat treating process making this product totally environmentally friendly.  Thermo Treated Poplar is the excellent choice for any exterior project, such as, decking or exterior trim because of it stability and weather ability.

Thermo Treated Poplar is now in stock at CustomCut Millwork and is available in 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4 in random widths and lengths.

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