Mill CapabilitiesCustomCut Millwork, Inc. has the capability to mill your choice of material to your print or drawing specifications which include: planing, ripping, molding, shaping, precision end trimming, or dadoing. 

Surfacing - In our finishing mill, we have all the equipment to surface boards to any desired dimensions.  Included in our mill is a facer to remove any cup from a board, a straight line saw to straighten the edges, two planers to surface the faces to any thickness, and a jointer to give the board finished edges.

Gang Ripping - Two gang saws are present to rip boards into numerous strips in one pass.

Shaping - For the custom job, special custom mouldings can be milled matching your sample or drawing to meet your customer’s specifications.  Beads and vee grooves can be added to any species of material including our wide selection of green and kiln-dried hardwoods in stock.

Moulding - Current machinery includes both a six-head and a four-head molder which mills material on all four sides in a single pass for your custom flooring, paneling, and siding needs.

Sanding - To finish the job, a 36” wide belt sander can prepare your product for paint or stain.  Our belt sander has both a rough and a finishing belt to complete the task in one pass.

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