Historic Replications Historic reproduction is our specialty.  CustomCut Millwork has the equipment and expertise to reproduce virtually any moulding that you require.  We have the ability to manufacture any moulding whether it is last year’s profile or from centuries ago.  CustomCut Millwork stocks a large assortment of hardwood species to provide your customer an endless number of options with on time delivery.  CCM works with historic preservation groups throughout the Tri-State area.  We also work with many architects to provide the expertise to make your project a success.   
CustomCut Millwork cuts knives, in our plant facility, to exactly match your sample.  An historic reproduction requires attention to details to authenticate the original profile required by local zoning.   If the local municipality requires an exact reproduction of an existing moulding or your customer wants to create a look and feel of a time gone by, rest assured, CustomCut Millwork is the right choice.

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