Custom Flooring
Net Widths
Note: Widths over 7" are subject to availability. The Wider the net width, the greater the extent of shrinkage and expansion. When an order has net widths over 7", the following will be free typed on the customer's invoice. Due to widths wider than 7", CustomCut Millwork cannot be held responsible for any problems occurring during milling or after instillation of the floor.

Moisture Content
Ideal moisture content should run no higher than 7 to 9% for hardwoods. Moisture content will be typed on all invoices. All floors should be acclimated to the new moisture conditions of the home by stacking flooring with sticks between the layers in the room where the flooring will be installed CustomCut Millwork recommends two weeks for proper acclimation.

All hardwood floors will be sanded through our wide belt sander before being delivered. This will reduce the amount of sanding required after installation. Pine floors will be sanded only upon request and at an additional cost.

When staining a hardwood floor, keep in mind that stain will not penetrate the entire depth of the floor. If the floor gets scratched deeper than the stain penetration, the floor will have to be completely resanded to remove the scratches. For this reason we discourage staining and promote natural finishing.

Polyurethane Finish
For durability purposes, very hard polyurethane is a must on hardwood floors. Not all polyurethane gives a hard enough finish for flooring. We recommend Duraseal, which is a very hard polyurethane.
1. Apply 1 coat of sanding sealer (coverage is approx. 400-500 sf/gallons)
2. Apply at least 2 coats of polyurethane finish (gloss or satin)
Note: always sand lightly between coats of finish.

Lead Times
Flooring orders are milled every 2-3 weeks.

Species other than those stocked will be quoted upon request, and are always subject to availability. When milling flooring, an edge vee or roundover edges can be applied at no additional charge, but must be specified on the order.

Pattern Options
When ordering hardwood flooring, the customer should order the exact amount of square feet to be covered. CustomCut Millwork will add the necessary waste factor.
All one width: Try to sell all 4" net width.
Pattern: Equal lf of widths, which can be repeated and installed in a pattern.
Example: 2", 4", 6", 2", 4", and 6"
True Random Width: There is no set pattern with this type of floor. There is an unequal lf of widths, which makes it necessary to lay the flooring randomly.
Example: 500 sf to cover
600 lf 3" = 170 sf
400 lf 5" = 174 sf
266 lf 7" = 156 sf
Total = 500sf
Note: There is a considerable price savings when using the true random width. It helps us to keep our inventory balanced, and also reduces waste.

Hardwood flooring should be installed over plywood underlayment or OSB. All flooring will be undercut on the backside, unless the customer requests that it not be. Undercutting helps to keep the flooring from cupping. We suggest using a sub-floor adhesive in addition to nailing the flooring.
This helps reduce squeaking and bonds the flooring to the sub-floor, which will minimize movement of the flooring. Four quart size tubes of adhesive will glue approx. 100 sf of flooring. 2" power cleats to be used with a hand nailer will nail approximately 200 square feet of flooring. The hand driven power nailer is available for a daily or weekly rental fee. Only full boxes of power cleats can be returned for credit.
We do not end match or flooring. All ends and flaws will need to be trimmed by the installer. CustomCut Millwork can do defecting for an additional fee.
The first row of flooring should be face nailed next to the most important wall in the room. Leave a minimum of " between the first row of flooring and the wall. This will allow for expansion of the floor.

Flooring Samples

Hard Maple FlooringHard Maple Hickory FlooringHickory Red Oak FlooringRed Oak Click on one of the the Wood Samples to read a description.
NE White Pine FlooringNE White Pine Mahogany FlooringMahogany White Oak FlooringWhite Oak
Brazillian Cherry FlooringBrazillian Cherry D+ Yellow PineYellow Pine Native Cherry FlooringNative Cherry
Ash FlooringAsh Walnut FlooringWalnut  

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